Central Asian Real Estate: Converting with Longtail Interest Targeting

01 September 2023

SoMin.ai successfully partnered with Wunder Digital Innovation Hub to help a major real estate company in Kazakhstan improve its sales. By utilizing SoMin.ai's AI-driven tools, the agency automated campaigns, gathered extensive audience data, and received valuable insights, leading to a 78% reduction in Cost per Lead, a 99% increase in leads, and a 35% increase in Conversion Rate for their client during the summer of 2023.

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Transformative Power of LLMs in Venture Capital: Seizing the Moment

27 July 2023

OpenAI, a pioneer in AI development, has ventured into venture capitalism through its subsidiary, the OpenAI Startup Fund, investing in promising DeepTech startups like Descript, Harvey, Mem, and Speak, which utilize large language models (LLMs) to revolutionize human-machine interaction. The potential of LLMs lies in their ability to condense vast information into actionable summaries, creating vast growth opportunities for businesses to explore uncharted territories and establish a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving market.

Why VCs should not invest in LLM-based startups?

03 July 2023

Hello innovators! I'm Aleks Farseev, the CEO of SoMin.ai, a cutting-edge AI Marketing Suite. As a seasoned entrepreneur and academic, I'm often approached by both venture capitalists (VCs) and budding startups, all intrigued by the potential of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT in startup development.

LLMs have totally shaken up how we engage with technology, ushering in new levels of sophistication in natural language processing and understanding. This revolution has seen businesses across multiple sectors — from customer service and content creation to data interpretation and decision-making — integrate this tech into their operations. The result? A startup boom with the power of LLMs at its core.

Discover the top 8 AI digital advertising tools for B2C businesses in 2023

21 April 2023

Explore the transformative potential of these powerful tools that revolutionize marketing campaigns, optimize ad targeting, and skyrocket ROI. If you're seeking the perfect tools to propel your business forward, this article is a must-read. 

AI Models: Does Size Matter?

17 February 2023

Explore the impact of AI model size and specialization, from GPT-3 to ChatGPT. Can smaller, more focused models outperform their larger counterparts? Discover the crucial role of data focus and training procedures in achieving optimal performance. What lies ahead for generative AI?

Volkswagen Polo: Using Longtail Interest Targeting to Increase Website Visits

16 January 2023

SoMin worked with Volkswagen Taiwan and their media agency, PHD, to find and reach new, high-value audiences while lowering the cost of their Meta campaigns.

Case study: Maximizing clicks for Audi’s E-tron Launch Site During a Pandemic

13 January 2023

Helping Audi and PHD discover new interest groups outside of their typical target market and gain a new perspective on their personas from the perspective of an AI.

Of Marketing & Machines: Understanding AI and How It Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Results

09 January 2023

Having an AI platform at your disposal can certianly benefit your brand, whether it's to improve conversions and boost sales, meet customer expectations, or streamline your company's workflow. However, without a proper comprehension of what AI is, it may result in costly mistakes and impede the expansion of your business. Hence, this article aims to clear any queries you may have about AI and serve as a launchpad for your company to explore the wonderful world of AI-driven digital marketing campaigns.

Case study: How a Machine Sold More Sporting Goods Through G-Strings

06 January 2023

As a sporting goods store, selling to a wide range of customers can be a good way to make money, but it can be hard to market. However, with a limited budget, figuring out which sporting goods and brands to use and who to target in order to get the highest advertisement ROI can become a guessing game. That's where Sportmaster was, and here's how SoMin's AI-powered solutions helped Sportmaster increase conversions and reach their marketing goals.

Four Lessons I Learned Along A Rough Road To Becoming The CEO Of An AI Startup

05 January 2023

I grew up during the fall of the Soviet Union. Many people lost their livelihoods and were thrust into poverty. Because of that, my family could only afford to send me to an average local literature school instead of a mathematics or economics lyceum, which are specialized schools that open opportunities for their graduates.

Unlike kids in other parts of the world, I didn't have many opportunities to explore hobbies. Still, I eventually picked up the button accordion and ballroom dancing, which surprised my parents, as they weren't musically inclined.

Although I excelled in my extracurricular activities, my school grades took a slump. I barely achieved the minimum, which prompted my father to give me an ultimatum that shook me to my core: Either I work hard and get into a university or be forced to join the military and serve in the Chechen War.

Digital Marketing Secrets: How Long Tail Interest Targeting Can Aid Your Business Growth

04 January 2023

The digital marketing space has evolved into a complex and costly ecosystem that requires a significant amount of finesse on the part of brands in order to navigate intelligently to reach potential customers around the globe. Through a firm grasp of the benefits of utilizing long-tail targeting for digital advertising campaigns and the clever use of SoMin.ai’s platform, businesses will not only be able to reach the shores of their designated clientele but also allow for greater leads and conversion rates to increase brand growth and visibility.

Case study: How Deep Learning Can Drive Customer Growth In The Banking Industry

30 June 2022

Lead generation is a complex, challenging, and arduous process, more so for the banking industry. Identifying consumers who need financial services is no easy task as these behaviors are very personal and varied. This post looks into how SoMin used deep learning to handle these nuances and drive consumer growth for Citibank CEE.

Did the 4th October Facebook outage affect your campaigns?

12 October 2021

Facebook “went missing” from the Internet for a few hours on 4th October (UTC). This article helps you understand why the global Facebook outage happened, and whether your ad campaigns were affected.

3 Data-Driven TikTok Audience Insights That Impact Growth

20 August 2021

If you are running Facebook ads, you will find many similarities between Facebook and TikTok Ads Manager dashboard and user interface. To see impactful growth in your TikTok ad campaigns, the best way to optimize them is by using the data-driven methods.

Why did we start SoMin.ai?

12 May 2021

At SoMin.AI, our mission is to transform the industry of Performance Media Buying to let Ads Generate Sales, but not just Clicks. We see these transformation happening via AI automation, Large-Scale Long-Tail Targeting, Content Generation, and analytics-driven decision making.

iOS 14 Updates Part 2: How We Can Embrace and Tackle the Main Impacts of Apple’s Privacy Change

17 March 2021

This article will provide you some news on the recent iOS 14 privacy update that sent digital advertisers around the world into a frenzy. However, in the midst of uncertainty, a solution or workaround will always be there.

Here is a summary of all the things we would recommend to get every marketer ready and prepared for the future with iOS 14 privacy updates.

With that being said, we still support advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are still going to be one of the biggest players in digital advertising, so we should not be too concerned or worried about changes like this.